Saturday, 28 May 2011

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Within moments of all the team reporting they were secure the pilot lifted the crafts nose and applied speed as he boosted the craft up through the atmosphere of the planet, and out into space.  Once in space the major tried his military comm links and found they were now clear.  Quickly he sent details of the situation and waited for a reply.  Within a matter of minutes he had received instructions and began to use the vipers internal comm system “Coin, lay in a course for the reservation, we are to land as near as we can to the treaty centre” the Major ordered “Wow, home go, plenty good.  Big pull have for soldier boy go there” came Stars voice over the common on a private link  “Eat it fur ball.  You know things must be bad if we have land there, but we are lucky to have three aboard who the people regard as hero’s.  This is classed as a goodwill tour” the Major replied in a light jesting tone over the same private link.  The craft was navigated gently in space until it had reached the correct point and then boosted through space on it’s new course.  Far below in the planets sky a black hovercar conversion was making it’s way on a different course slowly dropping in altitude until in was on the ground once more, there it travelled keeping under cover of the vegetation as it sped towards it’s unknown destination.

The viper made it’s way through space quietly as it travelled, inside the major activated his implant and sent a private message “Star, I’m going to have to ask you to transport down ahead of us, we’ll put you down in a safe area near to the treaty centre.  Once your down find cover and de-activate your armour and make your way to the centre, I want you to act as scout and liaison with the elders.  I need to know what’s going on down there before we land. “  the asked his medic “Think hour enough time will be, for you to land and questions ask” the medic sent back.  “Coin, I need you to plot a course to put a scout down and land one after the scout has beamed out” the Major sent over the viper’s comm  “No problem boss, I can make it earlier if you want” the pilot said cheerfully “Roger, allow for a landing at any time the scout call’s us in or when the hour is up” the Major ordered.

In space the viper crossed from day into night sky “Boss, I have a transmission from reservation security asking for identification” the pilot’s voice spoke urgently over the comm  “OK Coin, switch them through to me and talk to them” the Major replied.  The comm suddenly came alive with a voice asking for the craft’s captain or owner “This is Major Rogue Special Forces, we are on a goodwill tour.  If you need confirmation please call Elder Fartalker at the embassy.  We will orbit while you check” the Major replied “Coin we might have to hold in orbit while they check us out, how far to the treaty centre?” he asked the pilot over his private circuit “About one and a half hours boss” came the reply.  “Star, your going early standby” he called to the medic of the same circuit.

The medic’s stood from it’s assigned post looming tall “Beam out detected will be, other methods use will I” the medic said over the private circuit as it moved to the nearest beam out point.  “Take care fur ball, see you ground side” the Major replied in a bantering maner.  The medic’s tall form began to shimmer, and then faded, leaving the beam platform empty.  The major’s spoke once more over the private circuit, “ Chip, Star’s  left for the treaty centre.  Can you keep an eye on our passenger?” he asked. 

“No problem boss.  She’s still in the training program, I’d love to know how his Grace the Duke got those orders sent” the medic replied.  “You know the old saying, our’s is not to wonder why” the Major answered , “Shure boss, but that sort of clout would make anyone wonder” Chip stated.  “Yeh!, but Angel’s got a lot of friends” came the pilot’s voice over the circuit. “Hey!, I thought this was a privacy circuit” the meadic complained, “Not when you broadcast in team mode” the pilot replied  “Hold the chatter, we need to keep our eyes and ears open children” the major told them.

Silence seemed to fill the waiting assualt craft as the team waited for reservation security to give them the clearance they needed to procede.  “Boss, reservation security been on line, we’re clear to go” the pilot informed the major., “Roger Coin, take us in” he replied.  Silently the craft sped along it’s way to it’s intended destination.  Further ahead an armoured figure appeared in a wooded copse, the figure started to blur and slowly change , until a large furred humaniod wearing a number of peices of jewelry stood there.  After a moment it started to jog through the trees.