Tuesday, 9 November 2010

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The doctor closed his eyes briefly and looked at his virtual data pad and clock, his conversation with Miss Williams had been recorded there as well as his mental notes on her condition.  He quickly sent them to the hospitals computer and along with a request for a private room and a psychiatric evaluator.  “Very well Miss Williams I’ll admit you into the hospital and place you in a private room, if this help you claim that is coming does not arrive by 9:30am today we will have to begin tests, is that clear” he asked his patient and former teacher in a no nonsense tone.

“Don’t worry about me Peter, worry about them getting here.  If they are that late I may as well be dead” she told him harshly.  The doctor looked at her shocked at the harshness in her voice, never had he heard her speak like that before.  He remembered her as the stern and firm but polite teacher, who had made learning fun when he was in school.  Had she really flipped out as he had thought or was there something he was missing here.  Musing over the problem his pager quietly informed him that his patient had been admitted as of 8:20am room 15c had been booked for her, it also informed him that there had been two inquiries about the  patient, one from her hovercar and the other from the Governor’s office.  The Governor’s office had asked that they be informed  about the patient’s health and any changes to it.  The information that the Governor was interested in Miss Williams came as a big surprise, she certainly had friends in high places.

“Miss Williams, I have room booked here for you, we’ll take you there until those people turn up.  The hospital has also received a call from the Governor’s office enquiring about you” he told her “Dear Eddie, I hope she’s not too worried, I’ll have to let her know how things are going to work out.  I just hope she won’t do any thing silly” was the whimsical reply to the information that the colony Governor had expressed an interest in her case.  Dr Lord wondered just what was going on has far as he knew the Governor had never been a pupil at Westfield and had never visited it, yet here was Miss Williams speaking as if she where a favourite child.  If he remembered correctly the Governor was about the same age as Miss Williams, and there was something he'd learned at Westfield about the Governor but just what it was he could not remember, so how come Miss Williams was treating her like a child?  Breaking of from his musing he began to give his staff instruction’s.

“Nurse you Larry and Joe take Miss Williams to room 15c and make her comfortable there. When that has been done I’d like you to stay with her and send Larry and Joe back to the ready room, I have to see Mr Staines”  Once these instructions had been given the emergency staff began to carry them out.  “Peter, if your going to see Donald please give him my regards and tell him not to worry about me, he’ll get any instructions I think are needed at the right time” his patient called out to his as his staff were floating her stretcher out of the emergency room towards the wards.

The doctor was left turning the facts and probable treatments over in his mind shaking his head thinking that this old woman was confusing him, one minute she acts as if she was in need of a psychiatric evaluator and the other minute like the calm collected person she always had been.  Just what was going on, the hospital could take care of any medical problem, even those involving implants. 

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

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Doctor Peter Lord had just finished a cup of cafex in the hospital staff lounge when his pager implant announced an emergency staff alert.  “Dr Lord here, what’s the problem?” he sub-vocalised to his pager “Medical case incoming via Hovertcar, symptoms match possible coronary.  Vehicle ETA 3 minutes” the pager replied. 

Standing up from his float chair the doctor began to make his way out of the lounge at a brisk pace heading towards the emergency unit. A he walked he sub-vocalised to his pager  once more “OK, I’m on my way, can you give the patients details”.  When the pager gave the patients name and occupation he almost stumbled.  “Did you say Miss Ruth Williams, teacher?” he asked his pager aloud. The pager confirmed the name.

“Contact Principle Reed at Westfield  in my name and tell him Miss Williams is ill and will be admitted into the hospital for treatment some time in the next five minuets. Next contact Donald Stains in the legal department and give him the same message”.

Continuing at a brisk pace towards the emergency unit he was met on the way by some of the other members of the standby emergency team which hadn’t dealt with anything major for some time, among the team he spotted  a nurse a nurse he knew as both an old school friend and a competent emergency nurse.  “Listen up team you’ve all had the details, Linda I’ll want you to stay with the patient, Larry, Joe Take the stretcher outside the main doors, everyone else standby for resuscitation and monitoring.” he called out to them as they entered the Emergency room.  Looking at the nurse called Linda he motioned  to indicate that he needed speak with her.

“Linda it’s Miss Williams from school she’ll need to be handled just right, you and I both know what she can be like“ he said to her quietly when she was close enough to hear him “I remember her, stern but fair, if she gets the same treatment she may either appreciate it or  treat us both like naughty kids” she replied grinning. “OK, but you will have to set up the routine for her nursing care and brief the nurses about her independence”.

When the hovercar containing the patient arrived at the emergency entrance Larry and Joe were there to met it and placed her on the stretcher gently and float it into the emergency room.   “Stupid machine, I told it not to bring me here” she was muttering as they carried out their task.  Manoeuvring the floating stretcher and it still muttering occupant into position in the emergency room Dr Lord and the nurse Linda came and took up stations either side of the stretcher.

“Peter Lord is that you” the old woman on the stretcher asked, “Yes Miss Williams” he replied politely, “Good, this is not something you can deal with.  Do not try any standard hospital tests, someone will get hurt, this is not a heart attack, it’s a system failure and it will take specially trained medical engineers to repair it, this hospital has not got the required people or equipment.  I tried telling that stupid machine of mine to take me home but it would not accept any override codes” she authoritatively said to him making him feel as if he were once more back at school.

“What about checking your heart rate and blood pressure just to be on the safe side?” he enquired in that sort of sceptical doctors’ voice that they seem to use when patients try tell them what’s wrong.  “No! I’m sorry Peter; My pulse and blood pressure are both normal, but there is no way to confirm that without those specially trained medical engineers and their equipment being here.  Look Peter, the only thing you can do for me here is to put me into a private room somewhere until these people arrive” she told him firmly.  “All right Miss Williams,  if you can tell me when this medical engineers are due I’ll see what can be done about a room” he replied in a concerned tone.  “Hmm, given the nature of the call they should be here by no later than 8:30am today” she said smugly.

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HOVERCAR :     159874


07.44.00 System engaged
07.44.30 System check completed OK
07.45.00 Selection of set route 01
07.45.15 Departure home base
07.46.00 Traffic update accessed.  Flow minimal.  Hazards none
08.00.00 Traffic update accessed.  Flow minimal.  Hazards none
08.06.00 Driver experiencing pains
08.07.00 Driver alerted to possible medical problem
08.08.00 Driver override on medical alert
08.10.00 Medical override initiated
               Internal Military override code ‘Angel down’ sent
               External Military override code
08.10.30 Hospital advised of possible system malfunction of driver
               Details of symptoms sent
               Driver details sent
               Internal Military override code
a08.10.45 Route changed to hospitalise driver
               Internal Military override code
08.13.00 Arrive at hospital
               Military override code ‘Angel down’ acknowledged

08.13.05 Log to hospital system
08.15.00 Driver unloaded by medical personnel
08.17.00 Vehicle parked
08.17.05 Standby mode activated
               External Military override code 117 received
08.20.00 Law enforcement override
08.20.30 Operation log downloaded under Law enforcement override complete
               Military overrides omitted
08.21.35 Military override 117 activated
               System transferred
               Operation log transferred to military
               Re-log hospital system
               Driver details flagged
               Military communication protocol sent for remote sensing unit
               Military remote sensor activated
               Military unit override code Alpha 19  Zulu 5 sent
               Military watch initiated