Saturday, 28 May 2011

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Within moments of all the team reporting they were secure the pilot lifted the crafts nose and applied speed as he boosted the craft up through the atmosphere of the planet, and out into space.  Once in space the major tried his military comm links and found they were now clear.  Quickly he sent details of the situation and waited for a reply.  Within a matter of minutes he had received instructions and began to use the vipers internal comm system “Coin, lay in a course for the reservation, we are to land as near as we can to the treaty centre” the Major ordered “Wow, home go, plenty good.  Big pull have for soldier boy go there” came Stars voice over the common on a private link  “Eat it fur ball.  You know things must be bad if we have land there, but we are lucky to have three aboard who the people regard as hero’s.  This is classed as a goodwill tour” the Major replied in a light jesting tone over the same private link.  The craft was navigated gently in space until it had reached the correct point and then boosted through space on it’s new course.  Far below in the planets sky a black hovercar conversion was making it’s way on a different course slowly dropping in altitude until in was on the ground once more, there it travelled keeping under cover of the vegetation as it sped towards it’s unknown destination.

The viper made it’s way through space quietly as it travelled, inside the major activated his implant and sent a private message “Star, I’m going to have to ask you to transport down ahead of us, we’ll put you down in a safe area near to the treaty centre.  Once your down find cover and de-activate your armour and make your way to the centre, I want you to act as scout and liaison with the elders.  I need to know what’s going on down there before we land. “  the asked his medic “Think hour enough time will be, for you to land and questions ask” the medic sent back.  “Coin, I need you to plot a course to put a scout down and land one after the scout has beamed out” the Major sent over the viper’s comm  “No problem boss, I can make it earlier if you want” the pilot said cheerfully “Roger, allow for a landing at any time the scout call’s us in or when the hour is up” the Major ordered.

In space the viper crossed from day into night sky “Boss, I have a transmission from reservation security asking for identification” the pilot’s voice spoke urgently over the comm  “OK Coin, switch them through to me and talk to them” the Major replied.  The comm suddenly came alive with a voice asking for the craft’s captain or owner “This is Major Rogue Special Forces, we are on a goodwill tour.  If you need confirmation please call Elder Fartalker at the embassy.  We will orbit while you check” the Major replied “Coin we might have to hold in orbit while they check us out, how far to the treaty centre?” he asked the pilot over his private circuit “About one and a half hours boss” came the reply.  “Star, your going early standby” he called to the medic of the same circuit.

The medic’s stood from it’s assigned post looming tall “Beam out detected will be, other methods use will I” the medic said over the private circuit as it moved to the nearest beam out point.  “Take care fur ball, see you ground side” the Major replied in a bantering maner.  The medic’s tall form began to shimmer, and then faded, leaving the beam platform empty.  The major’s spoke once more over the private circuit, “ Chip, Star’s  left for the treaty centre.  Can you keep an eye on our passenger?” he asked. 

“No problem boss.  She’s still in the training program, I’d love to know how his Grace the Duke got those orders sent” the medic replied.  “You know the old saying, our’s is not to wonder why” the Major answered , “Shure boss, but that sort of clout would make anyone wonder” Chip stated.  “Yeh!, but Angel’s got a lot of friends” came the pilot’s voice over the circuit. “Hey!, I thought this was a privacy circuit” the meadic complained, “Not when you broadcast in team mode” the pilot replied  “Hold the chatter, we need to keep our eyes and ears open children” the major told them.

Silence seemed to fill the waiting assualt craft as the team waited for reservation security to give them the clearance they needed to procede.  “Boss, reservation security been on line, we’re clear to go” the pilot informed the major., “Roger Coin, take us in” he replied.  Silently the craft sped along it’s way to it’s intended destination.  Further ahead an armoured figure appeared in a wooded copse, the figure started to blur and slowly change , until a large furred humaniod wearing a number of peices of jewelry stood there.  After a moment it started to jog through the trees.

Monday, 7 March 2011

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The team had settled the their patients stasis box in the hold of the craft and secured it safely.  The medic called Star switched on some of the crafts medical remotes in order to monitor the box.  “All right team systems check, report when complete” the Major called over the internal communication system.  “Not forget, passenger have” said Star over the same system.  “Don’t worry Star I’ve not forgotten, it will take some time for the trainer program to send her to sleep” the Major replied.  It took no more than five minuets to complete the check the Major had asked for, once it was done he gave the medic Star a private call “Star check on Lieutenant Miles and see how she is doing” he ordered.  “Need maybe time before sleeping is” the medic answered after a few moments. “Girl ready is,” it’s strangely accented voice reported.  Quickly the transport system was engaged as  the nurses sleeping body was laying on a bed in the med centre within the crafts hold .  “Standby to lift” said the Major aloud to his team, and quietly sent a number of transmissions over his military comm link.

Quieter than they had arrived the special forces and their craft lifted and flew away heading for it’s unknown destination.  Across the roadway from the hospital a black hovercar lifted up on it’s fields and started to rise even higher as it extruded wings and lifted off following the military craft from a safe distance.  In the hospitals car park another hovercar makes call, but remains where it had parked earlier.  “Coin, stand by for evasive manoeuvres,  Snake check tactical”  the Major called out shattering the silence of the vipers hold”.  “Tac, shows clear boss” the trooper called Snake  “Heads up! We have company. Combat stations” the Major barked.  Everyone in the vipers hold moved to pre assigned stations.  The medic Star checked to see if their patient and passenger were secured, while others moved to weapon or equipment stations.

The soldiers at their weapon stations used both electronic and visual systems to track the sky for any craft following them.  “Report” the major voice called over the comm system.  “Port scan negative”  “Starboard scan negative”  “Main scan negative” three voices called one after the other.  “All stations we have a stealth craft somewhere on our tail,  be on the look out for a black hovercar conversion” the Major warned the troops.  Once he had finished speaking the Major accessed his military implant to pass a report to HQ, he found that something was jamming his communication channels.  “Chip, try emergency comm equipment” he called over the crafts internal comm.  “System fogged, whoever is out there knows something they shouldn’t.  Personal comm has the same fogging” came the medic’s voice over the system  “Coin,  LPO fast!” the major instructed.  “Roger, all stations strap down for combat” the pilots voice said.

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Suddenly the words command override seemed to echo in the nurses mind, and the instruction to copy a file and transfer it were there.  Quickly following the instructions the nurse copied her orders and transferred them to the destination  she had been shown.  “My, My.  The big guns are in play for this one.  You have been honoured my girl” Miss Williams said quite matter of factly.  This time the nurse could see that an officer was transferring local command orders via the military net.  Although she did not know what they were, she now knew that they were being transferred to other members of the medical team here.  “Linda, Star and Chip will have to put me into stasis, so you will not be needed for a few hours.  Star as senior medical officer wants you to come with us,once aboard the ship you wil have to lie down, and run that training program.  You will be called when you are needed to return to duty.  Orders for this have been sent to your system, it will not run the program until you are at rest.  It also has codes for the replicator to produce a military version of your uniform with correct badges of rank.  You will need to wear it when you return to duty Miss Williams told her gently.  “Can you give us few moments of privacy dear?” she was asked, “ Certainly I’ll join the Colonel and the Major until you need me” Linda replied.

Once she was safely on here way the conversation in the room changed from her inclusion to the team to more serious matters.  “Star, she’ll have to be placed in trance sleep once she’s aboard. Have the med unit beamed out now and beam in the stasis box, I’ll call Rogue and tell him what’s going on and leave him to clear her absence with Colonel Staines. Chip, you will have to alert HQ and transfer all the data we have on the med equipment attacking my system see if anyone else has had the same problem.  If there are no problems, see if you can set up tests for your equipment, use volunteers” the old woman said quietly.

The two special forces medical officers set about their assigned task in silence.  Within a matter of minutes the med unit had disappeared and a capsule had taken it’s place.  Down the hallway in the visitors centre the special forces Major was speaking to the Colonel in a smart business suite.  “That’s settled then, we’ll transfer the patient to our hospital, but you will keep her logged in as staying here.  Don’t forget the nurse she'll have to be logged as having compassionate leave” the armoured Major said quietly.  “That’s all taken care of, you wont have to worry as long as their both back inside of a five days.  We can manage a no visitors routine for that long and take care or any other enquiries.  If there is a problem call me and we’ll try to work something out” the Colonel told him in reply.  Just as they finished their conversation the nurse entered . The two men stood and shook hands and went their separate ways, with the nurse followin the armoured figure leaving the visitors centre as empty as it had been when they first arrived. 

Monday, 14 February 2011

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The Major and business suited Colonel both nodded their heads at the nurses suggestion and left the room.  The small armoured figure called Chip pulled a device for it’s belt and began to scan the old woman on the bed.  “Stop! System reports it’s under attack, source is similar to original attack. Attack details being passed, you will you note the similarity of them. Get the stasis box and put me in it until we can find out what is going on.” the old woman barked.    “Easy Angel, no need to panic.  I’ve got a copy of those files, give me a couple of minuets to confirm” Chip said soothingly and switched off the device.  “Angel I see what you mean, would you be willing to undertake a short test in the med unit and see if the same thing happens?” he asked in the same tone.

“Hold! Fox says they here for Doc, test later.  Want room, beam box when clear” said Star.  Some sort of unspoken conversation seemed to be going on, the nurse with her military implant was receiving nothing so could not say how anyone could have passed information about the orderlies without it coming over her system.  The strange thing was that the four new arrivals did not register on her system.  While she musing over these facts the two orderlies came into the room with float stretcher, loaded the doctor onto it and were leaving before she became aware that they were there.  Strange things were happening her system was different, her medical and military implants were now a single unit her pager was also part of the new system.  She found that there were now skills available that she had never learnt before.  There was also a flagged file on her database.  Quickly she accessed her virtual system and read the flagged file.

“Nurse”, “Lieutenant Miles” voices seemed to be calling her back from Cyberspace to the real world.  Opening her eyes she could see what she now recognised as two special forces medic’s lifting her patient from out of a med unit and back onto the bed.  “Linda , are you all right?  You seemed to be lost in Cyberspace”  Miss Williams said to her kindly.  “No! I just had my orders come through.  I’ve been assigned to special forces as a nurse.  My systems been changed and I got caught in a built in trainer program” the nurse said shakily.  “Nasty! who signed the order?” she was asked.  “There’s no signature, just a seal” was her bemused reply.  “Linda can you transfer a copy of you orders to me” Miss Williams asked.  “No! I’m sorry I don’t know how, I’m afraid that I had to stop the training program before it got to far in” was the nurses answer.

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Before anyone could say anything else the major turned towards the door ”Down” he snapped. The nurse quickly dropped to the floor and rolled seeking cover.  The old woman on the bed raised one arm and pointed it towards the window and turned her head towards it.

 “Someone knocked at the rooms door, “Who is it” called the old woman.  The door  opened and the doctor strode through it and into a blast from the Major’s weapon.  The doctor’s form crumpled to the floor, “OK, come into the doorway where you can be seen “ the Majors voice barked.  Into the doorway a fair haired figure in a smart business suite appeared. 

“Who are you?” the Major snapped, “Donald Staines hospital Legate” the man in the door answered.  From her position under the bed the nurse’s military implant told her that there were now other active military implants in the room and one medical.  There was the Major, a Colonel here, she knew who the major was but who was the other officer. Quickly she called up an area map, the Colonel and Major were in front of her.  “Colonel Staines, I am Major Rogue Special Forces,  if you and the Lieutenant can take care of this fool of a medic my team can get in and do it’s job” the armoured figure said formally.  “You can come out now Lieutenant” it continued.

“Certainly Major, I’ve had some experience in dealing with stunner blasts before.“ the Legate said politely.  The nurse rolled out from the bed, stood up and walked towards the doctors crumpled form, engaging her military implants medical functions she scanned his body quickly.  “If you can take his torso sir, I will take his feet we should be able to lift him and clear this doorway.  Depending on the strength of the stunner blast he will recover anywhere form five minutes to a couple of hours” she said to the legate  “Major if you will move we will place against the wall for now” she continued  “How strong was the blast” she asked “One hour knockdown” was the Major’s terse reply.

Quietly the nurse and Legate moved the doctors limp form and made it comfortable  near the wall just as two more armoured figures entered the room guiding a long floating box.  Outside the room another two armoured figures took up station one each side of the door.  “Star, if you have an analyser there I would appreciate it if you used it before putting me in the box” the old woman said formally.  “Not to worry Angel, check you out real proper, will be certain before boxing you I ‘ll be.  Chip here system test will, implant say well you are.  Not need Star this time” the taller of the two new armoured figures said in a strange accented elctronic voice.

The hospital room was full of people and equipment when  the shorter of the armoured figures said “Major can you and the Colonel  please leave the room,  it’s getting a little crowded here.  Star and the nurse can stay .  If there is a problem you will be told as soon as possible.  Before you go gentlemen is there something that can be done with the body over there?”  “You don’t change Chip, asking field grade officers to do clean up duty yet again” the Major said shaking his armoured head.  “Sir!  if you and the Colonel can make your way to the visitors centre, I’ll have two orderlies come and collect the doctor with a float stretcher, we put him in the emergency room” said the nurse with a smile.

Friday, 21 January 2011

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“Sorry dear, but that will not be possible,  until help comes I am stuck like this.  So, don’t worry yourself,  I’ll be fine for the time being” was the strange reply.  The old woman chatted with the nurse about some of the other children she taught at the same time as the nurse asking where they were now.  The conversation was interrupted by thunder and a loud rumbling sound.  “Ah, here they are.  Linda use your page to have those two boys who brought me here go one to the main entrance and one to the emergency entrance and escort those boys who have just arrived here” the old woman commanded.

“I can’t “ she stammered and was interrupted by a harsh voice barking “Freeze”  she turned around to find a figure in a special force’s assault suit standing in a corner of the room holding a weapon pointed at directly at her.  “Rogue, don’t be nasty.  If you check you will find she has a military implant, She is Lieutenant Linda Miles, Army Medical Corps, currently on the reserve list” the old woman snapped sharply and smiled at the armoured figure.  “Pleased to see you too Angel.  If the Lieutenant is a reserve she will have to be recalled if we need her” was the armoured figures reply.  “The team is on the way in, I came ahead as scout, can you give details to relay” it’s voice continued.  “Yes, massive systems failure, I was hit by something at 08:04am this morning,  type of weapon unknown.  Torso armour locked into present configuration, weapons system under control but not for much longer.  Command system says the nano is fighting itself.  If the system can be replaced within four days I will be OK, if not the suite will go critical by 09:30 am today” the old woman reported in what the nurse recognised as a military fashion.

The armoured figure seemed not to move for a few seconds, but that didn’t reassured the nurse she knew about special forces troops,  their identities were a guarded secret.  the armour they wore hid their sex and face as well as distort their voices so as you could not tell if they were male or female.  They also tended to use code names so as anyone who met them could not tell who was inside the armour.  She knew if she made any sudden move this soldier would shoot her.  The fact that Miss Williams knew both this figure and that she was currently on the Military Reserve, meant that it was more than possible Miss Williams was special forces herself.   The fact that both of them used codenames indicated this possibility.

“OK Angel, the boys are bringing a med unit in” the figure said in a more pleasant tone.  “Lieutenant, you should be getting orders shortly recalling you.  I would suggest that whatever has taken place in this room or is about to, be treated as top secret.  Do you understand” it continued  “I certainly do!” the nurse replied in a military manner.  “Good, until you get a formal recall order, I Major Rogue do hereby recall you under the emergency powers act 150,  I suggest that you check your implant for the act and verify I have the right” the armoured figure said formally.  The nurse tried to access what she thought was an inactive implant and found to her surprise that it was on line,  quickly she requested the act the special forces major had quoted.  There it was an act that allowed serving officers to recall reserve forces to active combat service.  The act dated back some two hundred years to a war long forgotten by most people.  “Sir I have validated your recall authority and await further orders” she announced.

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The doctor decided to check one of the remote detectors that scanned for implants and could download medical data in an emergency.  Looking at the detectors screen he found it blank, checking it over he found that the power was on but there was no information.  Pressing a number of buttons that should have brought up a user interface he got nothing, puzzled he tried accessing other functions and received the same response, he used his pager to call maintenance and asked if they could check it out.  After completing his call he left the room and made his way to the main hospital walkway and caught a riser to the upper floors of the hospital.

The riser floated up its shaft until it reached the floor he wanted where he stepped out and walked to up the walkway to an office marked D Staines Hospital Legate, where he knocked and entered.  “Hi, Donald, I’ve just seen Miss Williams she said to give you her regards and tell you not to worry about her, you will get any instructions I think are needed at the right time” he said once the door had closed behind him to the fair haired occupant of the room who was dressed in a smart business suite.  “Hello Peter, I thought you would have been here earlier.  Speaking for the hospital I am afraid that we will not be allowed to treat Miss Williams here, there are some specialists on their way here, who will take over the case.” said the fair headed man briskly.  “ The Governor’s office has already commed twice, once to ask about Miss Williams and once with the information about the specialists,  there are some legal problems which mean that these people are the only ones that can handle the medical case, and that neither you or I can do anything about them.  So please don’t ask what they are just accept the facts” he continued.

Thunder and a loud rumbling sound suddenly shattered the quite, the man the doctor called Donald moved to the window and looked out.  The doctor intrigued by his friends comments and this noisy interruption walked over and joined him, what he saw outside amazed him. “That’s a viper class assault and recovery craft.  There only used by the special forces” he said excitedly.  “Oh, really” his friend replied quietly  “I think we had better get down there and quickly before they come looking for us.  Don’t you think” he continued in a business tone turning and striding towards the door.

“Donald, just what’s going on. Why are the special forces here” the doctor asked plaintively as he hurried to catch up.  “Sorry Peter, but I think they are the people who are taking over the case” was the apologetic reply.  The doctor’s mind reeled under the impact of even more impossible information.  Why were the special forces involved,  could the Governor’s office have sent them.  If so why, how come an old school teacher had friends in high places,  just what was going on.

On the lower floor the subject of the doctors speculation had been quietly transported to a private room by the two orderlies and accompanied by a nurse.  She had been lifted onto a bed and the orderlies then returned to their duties once they had left the room the nurse closed the door.  “ Miss Williams, I will help you undress and get you into a hospital gown, or if you want you can do it yourself” she said pleasantly.  “It’s young Linda Miles isn’t it” the patient asked, when she received an affirmation to her query she spoke once more “I thought so I taught you and your mother, how is she these days”  the nurse was polite in her reply that her mother had moved off planet five years before and her last message home was to say she was quite well.  The nurse then repeated her statement about the hospital gown.