Wednesday, 3 November 2010

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HOVERCAR :     159874


07.44.00 System engaged
07.44.30 System check completed OK
07.45.00 Selection of set route 01
07.45.15 Departure home base
07.46.00 Traffic update accessed.  Flow minimal.  Hazards none
08.00.00 Traffic update accessed.  Flow minimal.  Hazards none
08.06.00 Driver experiencing pains
08.07.00 Driver alerted to possible medical problem
08.08.00 Driver override on medical alert
08.10.00 Medical override initiated
               Internal Military override code ‘Angel down’ sent
               External Military override code
08.10.30 Hospital advised of possible system malfunction of driver
               Details of symptoms sent
               Driver details sent
               Internal Military override code
a08.10.45 Route changed to hospitalise driver
               Internal Military override code
08.13.00 Arrive at hospital
               Military override code ‘Angel down’ acknowledged

08.13.05 Log to hospital system
08.15.00 Driver unloaded by medical personnel
08.17.00 Vehicle parked
08.17.05 Standby mode activated
               External Military override code 117 received
08.20.00 Law enforcement override
08.20.30 Operation log downloaded under Law enforcement override complete
               Military overrides omitted
08.21.35 Military override 117 activated
               System transferred
               Operation log transferred to military
               Re-log hospital system
               Driver details flagged
               Military communication protocol sent for remote sensing unit
               Military remote sensor activated
               Military unit override code Alpha 19  Zulu 5 sent
               Military watch initiated

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