Friday, 21 January 2011

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The doctor decided to check one of the remote detectors that scanned for implants and could download medical data in an emergency.  Looking at the detectors screen he found it blank, checking it over he found that the power was on but there was no information.  Pressing a number of buttons that should have brought up a user interface he got nothing, puzzled he tried accessing other functions and received the same response, he used his pager to call maintenance and asked if they could check it out.  After completing his call he left the room and made his way to the main hospital walkway and caught a riser to the upper floors of the hospital.

The riser floated up its shaft until it reached the floor he wanted where he stepped out and walked to up the walkway to an office marked D Staines Hospital Legate, where he knocked and entered.  “Hi, Donald, I’ve just seen Miss Williams she said to give you her regards and tell you not to worry about her, you will get any instructions I think are needed at the right time” he said once the door had closed behind him to the fair haired occupant of the room who was dressed in a smart business suite.  “Hello Peter, I thought you would have been here earlier.  Speaking for the hospital I am afraid that we will not be allowed to treat Miss Williams here, there are some specialists on their way here, who will take over the case.” said the fair headed man briskly.  “ The Governor’s office has already commed twice, once to ask about Miss Williams and once with the information about the specialists,  there are some legal problems which mean that these people are the only ones that can handle the medical case, and that neither you or I can do anything about them.  So please don’t ask what they are just accept the facts” he continued.

Thunder and a loud rumbling sound suddenly shattered the quite, the man the doctor called Donald moved to the window and looked out.  The doctor intrigued by his friends comments and this noisy interruption walked over and joined him, what he saw outside amazed him. “That’s a viper class assault and recovery craft.  There only used by the special forces” he said excitedly.  “Oh, really” his friend replied quietly  “I think we had better get down there and quickly before they come looking for us.  Don’t you think” he continued in a business tone turning and striding towards the door.

“Donald, just what’s going on. Why are the special forces here” the doctor asked plaintively as he hurried to catch up.  “Sorry Peter, but I think they are the people who are taking over the case” was the apologetic reply.  The doctor’s mind reeled under the impact of even more impossible information.  Why were the special forces involved,  could the Governor’s office have sent them.  If so why, how come an old school teacher had friends in high places,  just what was going on.

On the lower floor the subject of the doctors speculation had been quietly transported to a private room by the two orderlies and accompanied by a nurse.  She had been lifted onto a bed and the orderlies then returned to their duties once they had left the room the nurse closed the door.  “ Miss Williams, I will help you undress and get you into a hospital gown, or if you want you can do it yourself” she said pleasantly.  “It’s young Linda Miles isn’t it” the patient asked, when she received an affirmation to her query she spoke once more “I thought so I taught you and your mother, how is she these days”  the nurse was polite in her reply that her mother had moved off planet five years before and her last message home was to say she was quite well.  The nurse then repeated her statement about the hospital gown. 

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