Friday, 21 January 2011

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“Sorry dear, but that will not be possible,  until help comes I am stuck like this.  So, don’t worry yourself,  I’ll be fine for the time being” was the strange reply.  The old woman chatted with the nurse about some of the other children she taught at the same time as the nurse asking where they were now.  The conversation was interrupted by thunder and a loud rumbling sound.  “Ah, here they are.  Linda use your page to have those two boys who brought me here go one to the main entrance and one to the emergency entrance and escort those boys who have just arrived here” the old woman commanded.

“I can’t “ she stammered and was interrupted by a harsh voice barking “Freeze”  she turned around to find a figure in a special force’s assault suit standing in a corner of the room holding a weapon pointed at directly at her.  “Rogue, don’t be nasty.  If you check you will find she has a military implant, She is Lieutenant Linda Miles, Army Medical Corps, currently on the reserve list” the old woman snapped sharply and smiled at the armoured figure.  “Pleased to see you too Angel.  If the Lieutenant is a reserve she will have to be recalled if we need her” was the armoured figures reply.  “The team is on the way in, I came ahead as scout, can you give details to relay” it’s voice continued.  “Yes, massive systems failure, I was hit by something at 08:04am this morning,  type of weapon unknown.  Torso armour locked into present configuration, weapons system under control but not for much longer.  Command system says the nano is fighting itself.  If the system can be replaced within four days I will be OK, if not the suite will go critical by 09:30 am today” the old woman reported in what the nurse recognised as a military fashion.

The armoured figure seemed not to move for a few seconds, but that didn’t reassured the nurse she knew about special forces troops,  their identities were a guarded secret.  the armour they wore hid their sex and face as well as distort their voices so as you could not tell if they were male or female.  They also tended to use code names so as anyone who met them could not tell who was inside the armour.  She knew if she made any sudden move this soldier would shoot her.  The fact that Miss Williams knew both this figure and that she was currently on the Military Reserve, meant that it was more than possible Miss Williams was special forces herself.   The fact that both of them used codenames indicated this possibility.

“OK Angel, the boys are bringing a med unit in” the figure said in a more pleasant tone.  “Lieutenant, you should be getting orders shortly recalling you.  I would suggest that whatever has taken place in this room or is about to, be treated as top secret.  Do you understand” it continued  “I certainly do!” the nurse replied in a military manner.  “Good, until you get a formal recall order, I Major Rogue do hereby recall you under the emergency powers act 150,  I suggest that you check your implant for the act and verify I have the right” the armoured figure said formally.  The nurse tried to access what she thought was an inactive implant and found to her surprise that it was on line,  quickly she requested the act the special forces major had quoted.  There it was an act that allowed serving officers to recall reserve forces to active combat service.  The act dated back some two hundred years to a war long forgotten by most people.  “Sir I have validated your recall authority and await further orders” she announced.

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