Monday, 14 February 2011

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The Major and business suited Colonel both nodded their heads at the nurses suggestion and left the room.  The small armoured figure called Chip pulled a device for it’s belt and began to scan the old woman on the bed.  “Stop! System reports it’s under attack, source is similar to original attack. Attack details being passed, you will you note the similarity of them. Get the stasis box and put me in it until we can find out what is going on.” the old woman barked.    “Easy Angel, no need to panic.  I’ve got a copy of those files, give me a couple of minuets to confirm” Chip said soothingly and switched off the device.  “Angel I see what you mean, would you be willing to undertake a short test in the med unit and see if the same thing happens?” he asked in the same tone.

“Hold! Fox says they here for Doc, test later.  Want room, beam box when clear” said Star.  Some sort of unspoken conversation seemed to be going on, the nurse with her military implant was receiving nothing so could not say how anyone could have passed information about the orderlies without it coming over her system.  The strange thing was that the four new arrivals did not register on her system.  While she musing over these facts the two orderlies came into the room with float stretcher, loaded the doctor onto it and were leaving before she became aware that they were there.  Strange things were happening her system was different, her medical and military implants were now a single unit her pager was also part of the new system.  She found that there were now skills available that she had never learnt before.  There was also a flagged file on her database.  Quickly she accessed her virtual system and read the flagged file.

“Nurse”, “Lieutenant Miles” voices seemed to be calling her back from Cyberspace to the real world.  Opening her eyes she could see what she now recognised as two special forces medic’s lifting her patient from out of a med unit and back onto the bed.  “Linda , are you all right?  You seemed to be lost in Cyberspace”  Miss Williams said to her kindly.  “No! I just had my orders come through.  I’ve been assigned to special forces as a nurse.  My systems been changed and I got caught in a built in trainer program” the nurse said shakily.  “Nasty! who signed the order?” she was asked.  “There’s no signature, just a seal” was her bemused reply.  “Linda can you transfer a copy of you orders to me” Miss Williams asked.  “No! I’m sorry I don’t know how, I’m afraid that I had to stop the training program before it got to far in” was the nurses answer.

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