Monday, 7 March 2011

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Suddenly the words command override seemed to echo in the nurses mind, and the instruction to copy a file and transfer it were there.  Quickly following the instructions the nurse copied her orders and transferred them to the destination  she had been shown.  “My, My.  The big guns are in play for this one.  You have been honoured my girl” Miss Williams said quite matter of factly.  This time the nurse could see that an officer was transferring local command orders via the military net.  Although she did not know what they were, she now knew that they were being transferred to other members of the medical team here.  “Linda, Star and Chip will have to put me into stasis, so you will not be needed for a few hours.  Star as senior medical officer wants you to come with us,once aboard the ship you wil have to lie down, and run that training program.  You will be called when you are needed to return to duty.  Orders for this have been sent to your system, it will not run the program until you are at rest.  It also has codes for the replicator to produce a military version of your uniform with correct badges of rank.  You will need to wear it when you return to duty Miss Williams told her gently.  “Can you give us few moments of privacy dear?” she was asked, “ Certainly I’ll join the Colonel and the Major until you need me” Linda replied.

Once she was safely on here way the conversation in the room changed from her inclusion to the team to more serious matters.  “Star, she’ll have to be placed in trance sleep once she’s aboard. Have the med unit beamed out now and beam in the stasis box, I’ll call Rogue and tell him what’s going on and leave him to clear her absence with Colonel Staines. Chip, you will have to alert HQ and transfer all the data we have on the med equipment attacking my system see if anyone else has had the same problem.  If there are no problems, see if you can set up tests for your equipment, use volunteers” the old woman said quietly.

The two special forces medical officers set about their assigned task in silence.  Within a matter of minutes the med unit had disappeared and a capsule had taken it’s place.  Down the hallway in the visitors centre the special forces Major was speaking to the Colonel in a smart business suite.  “That’s settled then, we’ll transfer the patient to our hospital, but you will keep her logged in as staying here.  Don’t forget the nurse she'll have to be logged as having compassionate leave” the armoured Major said quietly.  “That’s all taken care of, you wont have to worry as long as their both back inside of a five days.  We can manage a no visitors routine for that long and take care or any other enquiries.  If there is a problem call me and we’ll try to work something out” the Colonel told him in reply.  Just as they finished their conversation the nurse entered . The two men stood and shook hands and went their separate ways, with the nurse followin the armoured figure leaving the visitors centre as empty as it had been when they first arrived. 

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