Monday, 7 March 2011

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The team had settled the their patients stasis box in the hold of the craft and secured it safely.  The medic called Star switched on some of the crafts medical remotes in order to monitor the box.  “All right team systems check, report when complete” the Major called over the internal communication system.  “Not forget, passenger have” said Star over the same system.  “Don’t worry Star I’ve not forgotten, it will take some time for the trainer program to send her to sleep” the Major replied.  It took no more than five minuets to complete the check the Major had asked for, once it was done he gave the medic Star a private call “Star check on Lieutenant Miles and see how she is doing” he ordered.  “Need maybe time before sleeping is” the medic answered after a few moments. “Girl ready is,” it’s strangely accented voice reported.  Quickly the transport system was engaged as  the nurses sleeping body was laying on a bed in the med centre within the crafts hold .  “Standby to lift” said the Major aloud to his team, and quietly sent a number of transmissions over his military comm link.

Quieter than they had arrived the special forces and their craft lifted and flew away heading for it’s unknown destination.  Across the roadway from the hospital a black hovercar lifted up on it’s fields and started to rise even higher as it extruded wings and lifted off following the military craft from a safe distance.  In the hospitals car park another hovercar makes call, but remains where it had parked earlier.  “Coin, stand by for evasive manoeuvres,  Snake check tactical”  the Major called out shattering the silence of the vipers hold”.  “Tac, shows clear boss” the trooper called Snake  “Heads up! We have company. Combat stations” the Major barked.  Everyone in the vipers hold moved to pre assigned stations.  The medic Star checked to see if their patient and passenger were secured, while others moved to weapon or equipment stations.

The soldiers at their weapon stations used both electronic and visual systems to track the sky for any craft following them.  “Report” the major voice called over the comm system.  “Port scan negative”  “Starboard scan negative”  “Main scan negative” three voices called one after the other.  “All stations we have a stealth craft somewhere on our tail,  be on the look out for a black hovercar conversion” the Major warned the troops.  Once he had finished speaking the Major accessed his military implant to pass a report to HQ, he found that something was jamming his communication channels.  “Chip, try emergency comm equipment” he called over the crafts internal comm.  “System fogged, whoever is out there knows something they shouldn’t.  Personal comm has the same fogging” came the medic’s voice over the system  “Coin,  LPO fast!” the major instructed.  “Roger, all stations strap down for combat” the pilots voice said.

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